Psychological Victories

I hit 350 pounds as of Saturday!

Now, here’s something interesting that I noticed. 350 isn’t one of my benchmarks. It’s 69 pounds lost, so it’s not my next target (339 pounds) or my half-way mark (319 pounds). But it feels huge, far more impressive than when I hit my last benchmark (359 pounds). At first, I thought it was just because I’m a sucker for round numbers. But I don’t think that’s the case.

See, eight years or so ago, I weighed 350 pounds. And that weight sort of maintained itself for a while. I remember using that fact to justify not trying to lose weight. “Sure, I’m overweight,” I’d say. “But I’ve been this weight for years, and I’m not getting any worse. So I must be doing something right.” An odd sort of self-deception, really, but aren’t they all?

So now, I’m back to that weight. And even though it’s nothing special, it feels special. Because, except for remembering what I was like right out of high school – when I weighed around 200 pounds and bicycled everywhere – this is the lightest I ever remember weighing. From here on out, it’s all uncharted waters. And I’m really looking forward to it.

Yay me!

Checking in, now, Friday was pretty good. I ate 1,970 calories, burned 4,520 calories, and walked 5.41 miles. Saturday and Sunday were somewhat less impressive, as I barely squeaked in under my calorie goal both days. My nephew had his birthday party on Saturday (and I’ve mentioned that birthday cake is my kryptonite), and Sunday we went and ate pizza and hung out with friends from church. Still, I burned 4,542 calores and walked 1.59 miles on Saturday and then burned 3,738 calories and walked 2.51 miles on Sunday. Not too shabby, for a man with no particular exercise goal on weekends.


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