Night Blindness and Rain

Getting to work was a bit of an adventure today. See, I have a condition called Fuch’s Dystrophy. It’s a fun degenerative eye disease that causes swelling in the cornea and slowly wrecks my vision – the doctor I see about it said that I effectively have the eyes of a man twenty years older than me. It means I have blurry vision when I first wake up, poor night vision, and that I can look forward to having partial cornea transplants sometime in the next ten years. Fun all around, right?

Anyway, the adventure. I’ve got poor night vision, and trouble with contrast, right? So, when I go out to my car at 4;30 am, it’s pouring down rain. By the time I get on the interstate, the rain is coming down like someone turned a hose on my windshield. At that point, I decide that 40 miles per hour is a safe speed. But then, I get behind someone who decided that he needed to play it even safer. The car in front of me hits his hazard lights, drops to 15 mph, and moseys along the interstate for the next four or five miles. I would have passed, but cars were flying by in the other lane, and I couldn’t get up to speed to do it. Oh, and someone decided to tailgate me and flash high beams at me like it was my fault.

Needless to say, I did make it to work. And, despite the rain, I parked in my parking spot: top of the garage, back left corner. I don’t see any reason to let torrential rains get in the way of hitting my exercise goals, after all.

I’ll just be hitting them inside, today.

Oh, and my check-in! I ate 1,963 calories yesterday, burned 4,533 calories, and walked 5.69 miles. And all of that was managed despite the fact that I had to eat dinner out last night! Why did I have to eat out? Well, we were going to make tacos. But it turned out that Kroger recalled the hamburger we’d bought, due to salmonella contamination. So, yeah. I don’t feel too bad about not eating at home this time.


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