Long Day is Long

Wow, I’m tired.

I’m working twelve hour days for the next two weeks, because I’m assisting in a training class for my department. On the up side, the money is good (I’m not so high up on the food chain that I don’t get overtime). On the down side, twelve hours is a long day. But, I still managed to get in all of my goals! Which is, I think, why I’m tired. Walking 5.3 miles, plus doing my Lightning Fitness cards (which decided I really, really needed an abdominal workout yesterday…), plus trying to spend time with my family is wearying.

Not that I’d give any of it up, mind. I love what I do, and my family is a huge part of why I’m doing all of this (along with my utter terror of going blind). And I really do enjoy the exercise. Especially when it’s over.

Now, let’s see how I did yesterday. I walked 5.54 miles, consumed 2,117 calories, and burned 4,585 calories. Not too bad. Not too bad at all. The longer day helped with the distance, I think – I had more breaks to walk on, and an hour lunch to let me walk further than normal.

I really wish I had something inspirational to say here. Maybe “when life gives you lemons, make lemonaid”? Nah, that’s terrible. And there’s a lot of calories in lemonaid, anyway. So this analogy is becoming increasing amounts of rubbish.

So… just make the best of your circumstances. Even if you don’t have time for a formal workout, there’s always time to do something. Park in the corner of the lot farthest from your door. Walk to an inconveniently-located water fountain. Make yourself walk to a bathroom on the other side of the building. Pack a snack, instead of hitting the vending machines, and keep it in the break room so you have to walk to go get it when you get hungry. Little things add up, and little changes can have big effects as long as you make those changes consistently.

Oh, and learn from my mistakes over the weekend. Don’t drink 80 ounces of Pepsi. Seriously. Just don’t.


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