Back to Work

I’m back to work today, both figuratively and literally. Literally, because my vacation is over and it’s back to the office. And being back in the office means a more disciplined schedule of getting up and walking on breaks. Figuratively, because vacation is over and I’m going to stop slacking on my goals. Let me give you the promised check-ins, and I’ll show you what I mean.

10/28/2015 (Wednesday)
Calories Consumed: 3,074
Calories Burned: 3,844
Distance Walked: 2.02

I… don’t even remember what happened on Wednesday, or why my calorie count wa so high. Or why I didn’t hit my walking goal. No, no, I tell a lie – and this will come up for pretty much every day of my vacation. I didn’t hit my walking goal, because I didn’t feel like hitting my walking goal. This was a fairly special failure, though. Wow.

10/29/2015 (Thursday)
Calories Consumed: 2,030
Calories Burned: 3,864
Distance Walked: 3.04

Not too bad this day. Missed my walking goal, but hit my calorie goal with room to spare.

10/30/2015 (Friday)
Calories Consumed: 1,415
Calories Burned: 3,415
Distance Walked: 1.33

In the interests of full disclosure, I was down with some form of mild gastro-intestinal distress. I’ll spare you the gruesome details, and just say that it was after noon before I ate anything and that I slept most of the day. A pity, because there was a pretty awesome Halloween party at church that I missed because of it.

10/31/2015 (Saturday)
Calories Consumed: 2,998
Calories Burned: 4,410
Distance Walked: 3.87

I missed my calorie count here to the tune of three smores.

11/1/2015 (Sunday)
Calories Consumed: 3,305
Calories Burned: 4,371
Distance Walked: 3.68

Pro tip: don’t go to a breakfast buffet, if you’re limiting your calorie intake. And then don’t have two 40-oz cups of Pepsi. Honestly, if I’d had water with lunch and skipped a second go-round at the buffet, I’d have made my calorie count. And if I’d never realized at the age of 17 that I could buy pound bags of peanut M&Ms whenever I wanted, I wouldn’t be fat now. So “ifs” don’t mean anything.

Overall, things could have been a whole lot worse.  True, I overate.  But at least I still managed to burn more calories than I consumed each day (although I wasn’t too confident about that on Sunday…), so thank you to my high BMR!  I’m getting back on track today, though. I ate breakfast at home and packed my lunch (avoiding the calorie gut-punch that is any drive-through you care to name), and I’m looking forward to going walking again!


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