Gear Review: FitBit, Part Two (the app)

Back in part one of this review, I discussed the FitBit device itself. Now, let’s look at the app. In the interests of disclosure, I’ve got the latest version (v 2.15) on my iPhone 4S.

The app is pretty user-friendly. When you first access the app you get an overview page that presents all of your stats – steps walked, distance walked, pulse rate, stairs climbed, workout duration, hours slept, amount of water drunk, calories consumed, calories burned, calories remaining, and weight. This overview can be customized, allowing you to remove metrics you aren’t interested in.  Each metric can also be tapped, allowing a deeper dive into that metric and providing historical information.

The calorie tracking feature is solid, but not as robust as MyPlate.  The database has fewer items in it, and some of the calorie information for scanned items differs from what the label indicates. The database for scanned items is also smaller, meaning I’ve had to submit more items and then manually input more information.

Like othe exercise and fitness apps, FitBit has a social component. You can add friends who also have a FitBit, see their progress, and even compete with them.  It’s a fun little motivational feature, even if one of my friends utterly schooled me (cough cough my uncle cough cough).

There are two annoying aspects to the app, though. First is that, even though you can enter historical information, it only “gives credit” for things done since you activated the FitBit. As a result, even though I’ve lost 65 pounds, the app only gives credit for a 25 pound loss.  The second is that the latest version of the app randomly makes me sign in when I open it – three times in a row, the first day after I installed the update, and 1 to 3 times a day since then. Neither is a deal-breaker, but they are irritating.

All in all, I recommend the app to anyone with a FitBit. I can’t imagine it would be a lot of use to anyone else, though.


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