Maybe I was a little over optimistic…

I believe I’ve mentioned before that I’m on vacation this week. I know that, on Friday at least, I said that I planned to hit my walking goals this week anyway. And I really believed that, when I wrote it.

You know what?  It ain’t happening.

Oh, don’t get me wrong:  I’d still like to hit that goal. I enjoy walking, particularly now that I’ve lost some weight and it feels easier. But, well… It’s not happening. And it’s not the sickness hitting my family, either. Well, not just that.  Really, I’m just off my routine. I haven’t walked much during the day, and it’s hard to take seriously a statement like “well, time to go walk 3.3 miles” at 9 at night.

The rain hasn’t helped, either. We’ve gotten buckets of it.

Still, at least I’ve been hitting my calorie goals. Hopefully that’ll count for something on Saturday.


Calories eaten:  2,435

Calories burned:  3,744

Distance walked:  2.24 miles


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