And I Did It While Slacking!

So, after Friday’s realization that I’d been a lot less successful with my goals than I thought I’d been, I hadn’t had a whole lot of hopes for my Saturday weigh-in.  After all, it wasn’t like I’d been actively engaged in behaviors that would cause me to lose weight.  I only hit my walking goal twice last week, on Wednesday and Friday, after all.  But, I guess I wasn’t giving myself credit for having hit my calorie consumption goal for the whole week.

How do I know that?

Because I lost 7.4 pounds, that’s how!

Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with my results.  Of course, this also reminds me that I need to get more serious about staying on track with my goals.  And it also means that I have to bump my workout up from 5 to 6 Lightning Fitness cards.  But, well, I can live with that.  Also?

Calories Burned:  4,733
Calories Consumed:  2,404
Distance Walked:  5.41 miles

Calories Burned:  3,553
Calories Consumed:  2,684
Distance Walked:  2.12 miles

Calories Burned:  4,095
Calories Consumed:  2,402
Distance Walked:  2.99 miles

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