Apparently, I’m Slacking Hard

The best reason to have something that tracks your exercise goals is also the worst thing about having something that tracks your exercise goals: it tracks your exercise goals.

I was feeling a little down this morning, because I didn’t hit my walking goal yesterday. But, I said to myself, I’ve been doing really well. No need to be too down on myself, right? Then, having said that to myself, I turned to my FitBit for affirmation. And that’s when I discovered that I’ve only hit my walking goal five times in October. That’s out of the sixteen weekdays when I should have hit goal. So, yeah. Not feeling too good about “doing really well” right now.

My calorie budget has done a little better. I’ve hit goal fourteen days out of twenty-two. But, you know what? It’s no wonder I haven’t been losing weight particularly effectively the past few weeks – I had no weight loss two weeks running, and a one pound weight gain after that. All because I’m slacking off. Clearly, I need to get back up on my goals.

Which, of course, will be tricky. See, I’m on vacation all of next week. And the vast majority of my vacation interests involve sitting and reading, or sitting and playing on a computer, or sitting and playing video games. I’d even thought about giving myself a pass on my walking goals next week, because of being on vacation. But clearly, if I want to start making progress again, I can’t do that.

Ah, well. Time to stop making excuses and start working again. I do have a goal, after all, and now all of you are going to be my accountability partners. At the end of each blog post, I’m going to post how many calories I consumed and burned and how much distance I walked on the previous day. I’ll be counting on you all to help keep me honest.

Wish me luck!

Calories Consumed, 10/22/15: 2410
Calories Burned, 10/22/15: 4079
Distance Walked, 10/22/15: 3.46 miles


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