Watch Out For Books, Too…

I didn’t get anywhere near my walking goal yesterday – only about 3.75 miles in total. In part, this is because I’m not yet transitioning well to the cooler weather that makes getting out and walking at night seem less appealing. Partly, though, I didn’t manage anywhere near my normal walking distance on my breaks. Normally, I’ll manage about a mile and a half between my two breaks and my lunch. Yesterday, though, I managed about 0.9 miles.

All because of a book.

See, I love to read. Sadly, both reading and exercising take up what little free time I have (working for a living and having a five year old means not having much free time…). That’s one of the reasons I listen to podcasts, because that way I can sort of scratch the reading itch while I exercise. But right now, I’m reading one of those page-turners. You know what I mean. The sort of book that makes you want to read “just one more page” a few hundred times, and suddenly it’s 2 am and you’re wondering what just happened?

Yeah. I was reading that book on my breaks. And then I’d check my watch, realize that I only had five minutes left on break, and then hustle around to get some exercise in. the end result of which was failing to meet my walking goal for the day.

I’ve got no clear solution here, because I’m not just giving up on my books. I guess I’ll just need to manage my time better. Let myself read after I exercise. But if food attacks, then books sneak up on you and then attack.


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