Isn’t this supposed to get easier?

A couple of months ago, I triumphantly wrote about how my legs had been aching constantly since I started exercising. That wasn’t the triumphal part. The triumphal part was how, after taking a couple of days off, my legs had stopped hurting. At the time it seemed amazing. I wasn’t tottering around on legs that felt like they’d been carved out of wood and aching, and I could easily get around.

The past few days, they’ve been aching again. Oh, not as badly. But my calves and thighs protest when I stand up, and I have to walk a good fifty or sixty feet to warm them up enough to stop the aching, and generally it sucks. Add to that the fact that my knees are bothering me a little, and suddenly life doesn’t seem fair. I’ve lost a veritable ton (well, all right. 56.8 pounds) of weight, and I’ve been exercising regularly. Why on Earth am I still sore?

Yes, I’m whining. Because this sucks.

I’m sure there’s a good reason for this. I mean, I have been trying to walk a little faster, and trying to get a little more distance in each time I go walking. I’ve had a hard time getting in my full 5.3 mile per day goal, but I’ve been walking more than four miles a day still. And now my legs hurt again. At this rate, if I plateau it’ll be because I can’t walk, not because I’ve started overeating again.


Well, the aching does go away after fifty feet or so of walking. It’s not like I can’t walk. I just have a hard time wanting to. So, I guess I’ll keep at it. I mean, what else am I going to do? Gain the weight back?

Yeah. That’s not an option.


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