Friday Round-up

My first post from yesterday was poorly edited, wasn’t it? My apologies, everyone. I’ve tidied it up, and I’ll be a little more careful next time.

As you all may have noticed from my second post from yesterday, I didn’t do so well on my calorie goals. Specifically, I ate 3,130 calories out of a budget of 2,400. In order to derive some benefit from this, I’ll just say that I was reminded of an important lesson: check the calorie count before you eat. Particularly if you get handed a sandwich that is, quite literally, a foot long.

Continuing the mea culpas, I also only managed 4.35 miles yesterday (and let me just say that, back when I started doing this, I never dreamed I’d write a sentence that read like that). I’ve got an excuse, though, and I’ll let you decide for yourselves if it’s a good one. I was tired. Wednesday night, we opened the bedroom window when we went to bed. Around midnight that night, I woke up just enough to realize that I was cold, and then I dozed for two hours before I woke up enough to realize that I should close the window. So I didn’t get too much sleep, and my choices were to either go and fall asleep while trying to walk that final mile, or just go to sleep. I chose “just go to sleep”.

Ice cream and birthday cake are my kryptonite. And in the interests of helping my son’s health, I threw myself willingly on that sword and manfully defended him from consuming that many empty calories all by himself. He’ll thank me, someday. Really. (All right, seriously now: I love cake. He loves cake. We ate cake together, after dinner, for three nights. We thoroughly enjoyed it, but I really should avoid having cake and ice cream in the house on a regular basis.)

I’ve had to ditch the stair-climbing goal of my exercise as a formal goal. Why? Well, it turns out that the FitBit’s altimiter is adversely affected by wind. Yesterday, I was logged in at 62 flights. Today, after walking down three levels in the parking garage, I’ve got credit for 15 flights of stairs. I still really enjoy having the FitBit, and the mileage counter is accurate based on the other pedometers I’ve used over similar distances, but stairs are coming off the formal list for now.

Finally, even though it isn’t a formal goal for me on weekends, I should hit my 5.3 miles tomorrow. We’re going to a pumpkin farm, and I’m sure my son will want to see everything.


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