Contingency Plans

I’m not certain how I managed to go this long without having this happen, but the weather itself conspired to keep me from hitting my walking goal yesterday.

Here’s what happened. As I’ve mentioned before, my son is still recovering from being sick. As a result, I didn’t think it eas such a good idea to walk to his preschool and make him walk back. The result of all of this was that, around 7 pm, I had only managed about four miles of my walking goal. Still, I had managed four miles, and it was only 7 pm. Even with having to get up early, I could still go get another 1.3 miles in. That’d be less than an hour of walking – my legs would be a little sore, but I could do it easily.

Twenty minutes in, it started to rain. Big old cold, fat drops of water backed up by thunder and lightning. At that point, I gave up and walked home.

It wasn’t a complete loss. I mean, I managed 4.76 miles in total – less distance than I’d intended, but still nothing to sneer at. But there’s this nagging little voice in the back of my head, saying “You wuss. You’ve got treadmills in the condo complex workout room. You should have gotten the key and finished off that last half mile.” And, although I take exception to the wuss part of my internal dialogue, I’ve got a point. It really wouldn’t have been difficult to go and do that.

So, here’s the takeaway: don’t let your exercise be dependent on a single specific set of circumstances. Have things you can do, if you can’t go and do the thing you planned. I’ve got them at work, after all – if the weather’s miserable, I do a half mile on the stairs and through the hallways. I shouldn’t let rain (or snow, or whatever) be an obstacle at home either.


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