The things you do…

Right now, my daily walking goal is 5.3 miles. Doable, right?  Sure. But, for various reasons, I had some trouble hitting that yesterday.  By the time I put my son to bed, I was barely at four miles.  And it was 7 pm, which is comparatively late in the evening for me (what with getting up at 3:30 and all).

I really considered giving myself a pass. After all, four miles is nothing to sneer at. It’s respectable. Really. But, well, that post I wrote yesterday – and the bit about not letting yourself get lax on your rules – was staring me in the face.  So I put my headphones on, put a leash on my dog, and headed out.

Let me tell you something:  I hadn’t realized I could walk a mile and a half in 33 minutes.

Oh, sure, I could probably have worked it out from my FitBit data, and from the fact that I generally do a half mile in about ten minutes at work. But it hadn’t actually hit me. 

It’s nice to see some progress, isn’t it?

Of course, I was all sweaty and my legs ached by the time I was done. But still. Progress!


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