No specific topic to this post. Just a few random musings about the past week.

Wow, my legs ache. Wednesday – the same day I proudly showed off the cool new hiking trail I found at work – the family went to Withrow Nature Preserve to go walking after dinner. It’s a beautiful park, and *surprisingly* large. Much like an iceberg, most of it is downhill and away from the parking lot. We walked a little over a mile (bringing my total for the day to 6.5 miles), which wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t been a third down a moderately steep slope and then a third back up the same slope. Two days later, I’m still feeling it. (It was worth it, though.)

Let’s see. I lost… 0.6 pounds this last week. That’s kind of disappointing, really. But, I did average 2,683 calories a day last week, which is 283 calories a day over my daily goal. And that came from a few days of eating a whole lot more than my goal. So, I’m not surprised. Let’s see if I can’t do better this coming week.

The weather is making it harder to want to go walk. Just in the past three days, the local area seems to have slapped itself in the forehead and announced “Oh, that’s right! It’s fall!”. As a result, temperatures have dropped from the mid-seventies to the low sixties quite literally overnight. Combine that with the steady damp drizzle we’ve had for that same period, and it is really hard to get motivated to go outside. (I’ve still managed to hit my walking goal each day, though!)

All those stairs I’m climbing? They seem to be paying off. When I started, I’d get to the second floor and then stop and gasp for breath. Then I managed to make it to the third floor, and then I’d have to stop and gasp for breath. Yesterday, though, I managed to make it all the way up to the fourth floor. And then I stopped for breath, and leaned there against the railing for a minute and felt my heart pound away in my chest like it was trying to escape. and then I started walking again, because that’s the whole point. and yes, it sucks. But it’s nice to see some progress being made.

Well, that’s about it. Talk to you all on Monday!


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