I Work At A Cool Place

As it is for many US employees, it’s annual enrollment season for health insurance.  As part of that, my company puts on a big show, letting us go meet representatives from the different vendors, ask them questions, and pick up swag. This year it was over at one of the other buildings on campus, so I decided to take the hiking trail. Nice walk, about a third of a mile one way in the lovely early Autumn afternoon. And then, on the way back, I notice this:

I’ve seen it before, but never really looked at it. And as I look, I see that little purple line marked Overlook Loop. Well, I didn’t know we had one of these. And I’ve got 35 minutes before I have to be back. So, I follow it. 

This is what I see:

 That was a third of a mile of hiking a beautiful nature trail I didn’t know existed. How cool is that?


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