Isn’t It Almost October?

I followed my normal routine today, which is to say that I parked at the back corner of the top of my office’s parking garage and walked in. Usually, at 4:50 am, it’s pretty nice. Even a few weeks ago when we were having 90 degree weather, it wasn’t hot.

Today, it was like walking through a steam bath. Seriously. In the half mile I walked getting into the office, I was soaked with sweat. And not because I was walking particularly fast. I mean, I didn’t dawdle, but I didn’t push myself either. It was just muggy and unpleasant out. Part of it was the rain – two days of being overcast decided to break last night, and break by raining hard – but… it’s almost October. I would have expected cool and damp, not hot and sweaty and icky and damp.

I guess this underscores the importance of having alternate routes for walking. I really don’t want to go outside and walk today, and if I hadn’t set up my alternate (indoor) route I would be strongly tempted to skip walking as a result. Fortunatly, I have no such excuse.

But still. It shouldn’t be muggy and hot at five in the morning at the end of September. That’s just not right.


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