Ridiculous Things You Do

I very nearly missed my walking goal last night. Here’s how it played out: on Thursdays, my wife goes to choir practice and I stay home with our son. So I take him through the usual bedtime routine – get a bath, take his vitamins, brush his teeth, read a story, and go to bed. All very pleasant, I assure you. So I close his door, and then it hits me.

I’m at 4.79 miles for the day. I need to get in a third of a mile to hit my walking goal, and I can’t just go for a walk because my son is four and I’m not just leaving him alone while he sleeps. But I can’t wait and go when my wife gets home, because that’ll be around nine and I’ve got to get up at 3:30.

I very nearly gave up at that point. I mean, who could blame me? But… I’ve already missed my stair-climbing goal, and I don’t want to miss this one as well. As a result, I’m just about resigned to going walking when my wife gets home. But then it occurs to me.

I can walk around my condo.

This is, of course, patently ridiculous. My condo isn’t particularly big, after all. But I need to get the walking in. And so, I start walking. From the bedroom into the master bath, then out into and around the combined living and dining room, and back. Four, maybe five times. By the time I hit goal, I’m slightly dizzy from walking in circles. And I feel faintly ridiculous, because I’ve just hit my goal by pacing around my house.

But, hey. The calories got burnt, and the distance got walked. I guess it doesn’t matter where you exercise, as long as you do exercise.

Also, 55 pounds down! Based on my current weight loss rate, I could be at my next benchmark (60 pounds) next week! I’m not *counting* on it, mind – two more weeks seems more reasonable. But still, it’s close!

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