The bugle sounds and the charge begins!

As usual, I arrive at work at 4:50 am and park in the topmost back corner of the parking garage. I feel pretty good, but I’m tired. See, I have a mastermind group that I meet with every Tuesday, and I was out until nearly 10 last night because of that. As you might imagine, that’s pretty late when you get up at 3:30 to get ready for work. No surprise that I was tired, right?

I get out of the car, and put my headphones on. I listen to a lot of podcasts as I walk, mostly because I happen to enjoy a ton of podcasts. I look out into the darkness, sigh, and decide that I’ll give in to being tired and just go take the elevator down this time. So I start out across the top floor of the garage, and my current podcast episode (Revolutions) ends. Now, my playlist alternates “podcast, music, podcast, music”, so music comes on. Specifically, this comes on:

It is not possible to slack off to Iron Maiden. I turn left, head down the ramp, and walk down four levels to the ground. By the time I make it to the building the song is over and I’m on to The Infinite Monkey Cage and my general “I’m tired and don’t wanna” attitude is gone.

Maybe metal isn’t your thing (it’s not my *only* thing). Maybe podcasts aren’t. Still, I highly recommend listening to something as you exercise – particularly something with a strong rhythm. It not only keeps you engaged, it gives you something to help you push through.


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