Monday Morning Malaise, On A Tuesday

I’ll be honest here: I don’t actually quite know what to write today. I mean, here’s the thing: I took a vacation day yesterday, so I had a three day weekend of doing very little. Mostly, I bummed around the house and vegetated as much as it is possible to vegetate with a four year old. Watched a couple of kid-friendly movies, read a lot, chatted with a friend that I haven’t talked to in a while. That sort of thing.

Now, on my weekends I don’t have a specific exercise goal. Oh, I still expect myself to work on staying within my calorie budget – which I wasn’t all that successful at this weekend. And I’ll still go places and do things. But I don’t have to exercise. Even a few weeks ago, that sounded heavenly. I don’t have to go walk! But now..? I spent the whole weekend feeling vaguely guilty that I wasn’t doing anything.

Oh, and I’m tired now as well. See, during the week I get up around 3:30 am to get ready to be at work at 5 am. As a result, I typically fall into bed around 8:30 or 9, speaking optimistically. I’m not a morning person, though – left to my own devices, I wouldn’t see 3:30 am unless I was still awake for it. And this weekend, I stayed up late. Nearly to midnight, on Friday and Saturday. But I’m so used to waking up early that I still woke up around 4:30.

So, I’m back to work now. With a terrible case of the ‘Monday’ morning blues.

I’m not certain I have a point, here. I suppose I could try to draw some sort of moral lesson about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, or about staying positive, or something along those lines. But, I’ve got nothing. Instead, I’ll just say that days like this are probably the most important ones to stick to your guns on. It’s easy to be enthusiastic about exercise when you’re feeling well-rested and full of energy. It’s not so easy, though, when you’re staring out the window at the 6 am blackness and wishing you could go back to bed.

Some days it’s carpe diem. Today, it’s illegitimi non carborundum.

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