I’m feeling pretty good right now, all because of my jeans.

Like most fat guys who didn’t want to admit they were fat, I had those jeans that I insisted still fit. You know what I’m talking about, right? That pair where you can still, by tugging hard, get the button to fasten and the zipper to come up, and that made your gut look like an ice cream cone? The relaxed fit pair that fit like skinny jeans?

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, we had a jeans casual day at work today. Technically I could even have worn a t-shirt, since casual days are pretty casual there. But, a few years back when I started trying hard to move into a more supervisory role, I had a look around and realized that none of the managers ever dressed that casually – not unless there was a specific “t-shirt day” going on. Since that time I’ve always worn a polo shirt or a button-down shirt to work. And hey, look! My digression turned into a business tip!

But, jeans. I grabbed that pair out of the closet and pulled them on. And you know what? They weren’t tight. They fit pretty well, even slightly loose around the waist. Not like my shorts, mind – the shorts fall right off, if I don’t wear a belt. But, they fit.

Progress, right? Right. And I feel pretty good.


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