The SFW Post

Ladies, this one’s for the guys. I mean, feel free to read it if you want – the information in the post may be useful to you. But it’s written from a male perspective, to other males.

Guys? This one’s for the ladies. More specifically, for your lady. Or your guy. Or for your small group of consenting adults. Whatever floats your boat.

Let’s say for a moment that you’re in the same place I am, more or less. Twenty percent of the way to your goal, and having a moderately difficult time keeping the enthusiasm. The novelty has worn off, and all you’re noticing is that you ache from the exercise and the weight isn’t coming off as fast and goddamn but you want a double whopper with cheese and a large chocolate milkshake. You’re looking in the mirror and, even though your pants are loose and baggy you don’t see any difference. And the bathroom scale. Don’t even talk to me about that bathroom scale. The first month or so, the weight just melted off. But now? Now you’re busting your butt for every pound.

In short, you’re frustrated. You’re frustrated, and you’re not feeling like you’re having any results. So how do you keep up the enthusiasm, when you plateau out?

Men, look at your special someone. Now look back at this blog. Now back at your special someone again. Now back to this blog. Sadly, this blog isn’t your special someone. But this blog is the someone that’s telling you that you should go to your special someone right now and ask her (or him) about those results. Because I can assure you that your special someone has noticed. And that they appreciate it.

See, you may not notice any difference – after all, you’re the one getting up and pushing your flabby self around and gasping and wheezing from the effort and getting the muscle aches. You live in your body twenty-four hours a day, and get all the sensory feedback that says “I’m tired” and “I’m sweating like a pig” and “I really want to eat a bucket of fried chicken”. But your special someone? He (or she) is noticing things like “hey, he’s got more stamina”. And “hey, he’s got more energy”. And “hey, he’s feeling better”[footnote 1].

Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that your special someone likes that new stamina and endurance you’ve been developing. And that the weight loss is making you look and feel bigger[footnote 2]. (Scientific fact: you look taller as you lose weight, because you’re not compressing your spine. It’s why you’re taller when you first get up in the morning as well.) Go ask your special someone, if you don’t believe me.

And then show her (or him) just how much you appreciate her (or his) support, by putting that new stamina and endurance and size to good use. Take her or him) dancing, or for a long, romantic walk under the stars[footnote 3].

Hey, what sort of advice did you expect? This is the SFW Post, after all.



1:  As in “hey, he feels better about himself” and “hey, he’s healthier”. Get your mind out of the gutter, why don’t you? This is the SFW Post!
2:  As in taller. Again, get your mind out of the gutter. This is the SFW Post.
3:  And arrange the babysitter yourself, if you’ve got kids. Your special someone will adore you for that.  Ladies, this one may not be necessary if you’re the one reading this.  In my experience, at least, my wife is far, far better at things like “remembering to arrange a babysitter’ than I am.  So, feel free to make your special someone read this.



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