Sticker Shock, Part Two

Ranch dressing has 260 calories per serving!

That may not actually be a shock to anyone else reading this, but it caught me off guard. Let me explain.

Last night, we all went to LaRosa’s for dinner (that’s a local pizza/Italian chain, if you don’t know the name).  Now, I know that Italian food, particularly if you eat pasta, is as rich in calories as it is in flavor. But, well, I had a thousand calories left in my budget. So I figured I could splurge a little.

I ordered the spaghetti and three meatballs platter, figuring I wouldn’t eat the garlic bread that came with it. I also got a side salad, to provide the illusion that I was eating healthy, and ordered Ranch with it. Because (like most Americans) I like Ranch dressing.  All hail the gestalt, am I right?

After ordering, I get out my phone to check the calorie count. The spaghetti was 870 calories – steep, but not unexpected. The side salad itself was pretty negligible for calories.  And the Ranch was…

I actually made a shrieking sound, as I said something like “itstwohundredandsixty!”  All pretty much in one incoherent breath. Because, although I’ve been shocked by calorie counts before, this was ridiculous.

In the end, I ate half the Ranch and came in 30 calories under goal. But 260?  For two tablespoons?

The lesson?  Watch what you eat. Because food attacks when you’re not looking.


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