Sticker Shock

I just spent nearly a hundred and fifty dollars on a pair of shoes, and I’m still reeling from the price tag.

Let me explain: I’ve been walking a whole lot more than I used to, and my legs and feet have been sore. About two weeks ago, I also noticed that my old sneakers (which I’d had for a couple of years and which were *extremely* comfortable) were worn to death. The sole was coming of of one shoe, the lining was wrecked, and so on. So with a heavy heart I took myself to the local discount shoe place and picked up a couple of new pairs.

Please note that, during this time, my wife suggested that we should go and get me a nice pair of walkng shoes. I turned the idea down, because expensive walking shoes are for people who walk a lot, right? Not the paltry four to five miles a day I’ve been doing.

Anyway, I pick up the new sneakers. And I start wearing them. One pair, it turns out, is cleverly made to rub the top of your foot – right behind the toes – raw. By the time I got home yesterday the top of my foot hurt, my feet ached, and my calves felt like they’d been carved out of wood. And so my wife – who is an amazing woman – declares “we’re going to go and get you a good pair of walking shoes”. Which is how I found myself at Bob Roncker’s Running Spot in Newport – and they’re a great store, so I don’t feel bad about the plug here.

Not that they need the plug from me.  I think they were doing quite well for themselves before my blog came along.

Anyway, twenty minutes after arriving, I walk out in a really comfortable pair of dedicated walking shoes and a seven day guarantee – if I don’t like them after seven days, I can bring them back for a full refund. They’re very nice shoes. Very comfortable. But – and I’m still stunned by this – they cost around a hundred and fifty dollars. The shoes I wear at work don’t cost that much.

But hey. They really do feel easier to walk in. Looks like, once again, I’ll have to admit my wife was right.


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