Getting Started

As of Sunday, I have officially lost 40 pounds.  That’s the good news.  The bad news, of course, is that now I weigh ‘only’ 378 pounds.

Hi there!  My name’s Richard Gant.  I’m a husband, a father of an active four-year-old, a amateur writer and guitarist, and a stockbroker.  And, as of July 15, I weighed 418 pounds.  That was… disconcerting, when my doctor’s scales gave me that news.  I mean, sure.  My pants were excessively large around the waist, but slightly tight because I didn’t want to admit I’d gotten larger.  And I had high blood pressure, and I was on two different medications to control it (I still am, to be honest).  But I didn’t think of myself as fat.  In my head I was still 18 and bicycled everywhere.  That doughy guy in the mirror, who resembled a slightly melted hard boiled egg on toothpicks was a stranger to me, and one I avoided looking at whenever possible.

And then my doctor told me that I had enough early warning signs that, if I didn’t actually have type II diabetes, I should still start living like I did.  The good news, he said, was that my blood sugar was at a level where I could easily control it with my diet.  But for the next 30 days, he wanted me to check my blood sugar four times a day and fax or email the results weekly.

I freaked out, just a little.  After all, I’ve watched my mom go largely blind from diabetes and I didn’t want that!  And that day, I resolved to do something I’d given lip service to in the past but had never actually carried through with – I’d get myself healthy.  I’d reduce my calorie intake, I’d exercise more, and I’d track it all.  Because I have a wife I love and a son I adore and I want to be around for both of them.  But, and I’ll have to be honest here, mostly because I wasn’t going to go blind!

Selfish?  Perhaps.  But it was the fear of blindness that got me going.  Now, since that day, I’ve worked hard on recasting my motivation.  I’ve put the emphasis on getting healthy, with my actual weight as a scorecard, and I’ve focused my reasons on my wife and my son.

And now, 39 days later, I’ve lost 40 pounds.  Twenty percent of the total I need to lose.  I’m already feeling better, but I’ve got a long way left to go.

But heck, I’m changing my life.  So, technically, I’ve got my whole life left to go.


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