I’m (Not} Batman

Here I am on the treadmill, working on hitting my walking goal:

You can’t see it, because it’s black on black, but that’s a t-shirt with the Batman logo. And I am not ready to step into the suit and cowl of the Caped Crusader. Not when one mile on a treadmill at 3 mph leaves me dripping sweat like I got hit with a heavy rain.

But, hey. You gotta start somewhere. Right?

I also decided to change up my exercise plan. Rather than the Foundation Light regime I described in my last post, I’m going simpler. Wall pushups, sit-ups, planking, and two of my Lightning Fitness cards. I started with 1 set of 10 reps each (or 30 seconds for the planking), with a 1 rep/3 second increase each week. Then, once a month, I reset but add one set. So far, so good.

But enough writing for now. I’ve still got (to paraphrase Robert Frost) Mike’s to go before I sleep. Writing this was a rest break before more walking.

To work!



I was not wildly successful with my goals yesterday. I consumed nearly 500 calories over budget, I didn’t get my walking in, and I didn’t do day two of my exercise program.

Thus Enders the self-flagellation.

No, really bi’m not beating myself up over this. I’m recognizing that I have other commitments in life beyond exercise, and a number of those commitments are more important. Like yesterday, when I made a choice to help get the decorations for my son’s birthday party instead of exercising. That felt like a good choice to me.

Of course, tonight is SOMBO. I’m pretty sure I’ll get some exercise in tonight.

Slow And Steady

Yesterday was, in terms of my goals, a repeat of Monday. I didn’t get all my walking in (only managing 4.8 miles), but I hit everything else. So, pretty good in the grand scheme of things. I’m certainly not going to complain about being mostly successful.

I also started adding in some exercises. It’s been a while, so I’m trying out the Foundation Light program from Darebee.com, a 30-day program designed to ease you back into regular exercise. Each day has 4-5 different exercises, and I’m doing three reps of each one. When I finish, I may go back though it again at five reps. Or try a different routine, if I find this one tedious.

Also, my son declared a dance party last night – he got my wife to give him her phone, cranked up some music, and started seven-year-old dancing. He’s… well, he’s got better moves than I do, to tell the truth. But hey, we had fun.

Playing Gaga

I didn’t quite hit my walking goal yesterday, coming in at 4.8 out of the target 5.5 miles, and I blame my son for it.

That’s a joke, folks. I don’t actually blame him. Heck, he actually helped me get in some exercise.

See, yesterday was the first day back to our regular Cub Scout meetings after a summer hiatus. The pack leader took the boys through a review of the Scout Oath and the Scout Promise, and then put them to win on a project while he reviewed the calendar with us, and I promise I’ll be getting to the “health and exercise” art of this entry in a moment. Because after the calendar was finished, he old the boys it was time to “play Gaga”, and invited the parents to join in.

No. Not this Gaga.

Gaga, it turns out, is a game a little like dodgeball. It’s played in a circular arena, and you can only use your hands to hit the ball. If you are hit between your feet and knees, you are out. If you hit one one else at it above the shoulders, you are out. If you hit the ball out of the arena, you are out. If you hit the ball twice in a row, you are out. Is that clear? Then let’s get ready to rrrrruuummmmmbleGaga!

(Spellcheck doesn’t like that last word, by the way.)

So, yeah. Why not? I joined in, along with the other dads. And it was a lot of fun. Hard on the wrists, because I’m not used to smacking a ball around, but fun. And the bending and dodging weren’t as bad as I thought.

Afterwards, we walked a half-mike to the park where we’d left my car and my son gushed about how much ch fun he’d had and how we should get some balls and play again. W could, he decided, use the tennis court in our complex as the Gaga pit.

Me? I was just glad I got to spend time with him. Even if I didn’t hit my walking goal.

Yes, I’m Back

Last week was a little rough for several reasons – some personal and some health-related. I was laid up for a few days with illness, and then took the rest of the week easy so I wouldn’t relapse. And no, I don’t know why I wasn’t updating this blog. I think I’ve gotten out of the habit, and now I need to get back into the habit, really.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I hit my calorie budget 5 out of 7 days, and the two days I didn’t hit it I still came within 309 calories of target. The end result? I lost 4.6 pounds. So, yeah. I’m feeling pretty good.

I’m feeling pretty good in terms of health, too. My illness has pretty much run its course, and so I’m going to try and get back into walking today. My intent is to pay attention to how I’m doing, and hit 5.5 miles unless my body starts telling me I’m not as healthy as I think I am now. But it shouldn’t be a problem, really.

Anyway, I’m back! And I plan on posting regularly from here on out!


Last night was Sombo Night, and I’m a bit sore from it. Not painful, I hurt myself bad sore, mind you. Just wow that was hard work sore.

As far me if the new guys (it was just my second week), I got to spend the evening workin by on my pivot step (a step that lets you turn 180 degrees) and my breakfall techniques. That last pretty much involved letting myself fall a lot t and not throw my arms out to try and stop myself. By the end, my legs and butt and belly were sore. There was, I discovered, a lot of abdominal exercise in falling.

And then, because it’s my second week and I know two holds and a reversal, it was time to spar! Two minutes that lasted, and I hit the ground three times. But! I managed to roll with it and get my opponent under me. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with him after that, though, so I just sort of used my weight to hold him in place. All things considered, not a bad performance for week two.

And, once again, my son loved it as well. Except for the break falls he had to practice by falling backwards off my back. Those hurt, he told me.

Catching Up

Wow. I’m getting really bad at writing entries for this blog, seen I? And what’s particularly strange is that I’m not avoiding it because I don’t want to acknowledge how badly I’m doing on my goals. Because I’m not doin big badly in my goals, not at all. I’ve hit my walking goals and stayed within my calorie budget nine of the last ten days, and I’m down four pounds.

I guess I’m just being lazy. So, let’s get caught back up.

I’m definitely back in the swing of things. Like I said, I hit all of my goals for a majority of the last two weeks, so that’s good. Also, my son and I started martial arts – specifically the unfortunately-named Russian wrestling style called Sambo (taught by the delightful people at Sombo Joe). I ended up doing some forward and back rolls (my first somersault in nearly 30 years), and learned a basic throw and reversal and takedown. I also learned that, in Sambo, you start sparring in your first class.

Since that class, my son has been excited about exercising with me. He’s gone walking with me every evening since last Thursday, and he’s been debating me about what days we should do push-ups and sit-ups on (I said Tuesday’s and Saturday’s and during practice, and he said “every day”). So, yeah. It looks like a good activity to do with him.